Friday, April 8, 2016

Shaw High School Shuttle Project Update

About one year ago I asked everyone with a Shaw High Shuttle to lend their copy to the East Cleveland Public Library so they could upload it to their website.  Many of you did that and I can now tell you that we received over 20 Shuttles copies of which are now available to view on the Library’s website.

Go to and click on quick links on their home page.  Then click on Shaw High School Yearbooks.  Halfway down that page click on the link to view the yearbooks.

There was some delay in completing the uploads, because the library was designing and implementing a new website.  That improved site is now up and running and the Shuttles or available to read and/or print.

You will notice that some Shuttles are still missing.  If you have a copy of a missing Shuttle, you may lend it for scanning and uploading.  The Library will then return your Shuttle to you.  To do that contact: Paula Reid-Tucker at 216-541-4128

Thanks again to all who contributed to the success of this project.

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