Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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I have included this table of contents to make it easier for readers to find posts related to specific topics.  The name and date of each posting are included in this Table of Contents.  To go to the post you may click on the arrow next to the year of the post and then the specific date in the right hand column of the blog.

There are many interesting comments from my readers at the end of each post.  Please provide any comments you may have or share your East Cleveland memories with other readers of this blog.

Name of Post                                                              Date 
Introduction to Robert Dreifort                                              9/11/11

Introduction to East Cleveland                                               9/18/11

Government, Business, Neighborhoods
and Schools                                                                             9/26/11

My East Cleveland Story                                                       10/2/11

Prospect Elementary School                                                  10/21/11

Prospect Elementary School (Cont.)                                      11/7/11

Plymouth Place Neighborhood                                                8/1/12

My East Cleveland Neighborhood                                           8/6/12

My East Cleveland Neighborhood (Cont.)                             8/12/12

The Early Years                                                                       8/30/12

Life in East Cleveland 1940 – 1962
My lecture at Case Western Reserve University                      9/7/12                

Caledonia – My second East Cleveland Neighborhood           2/18/14

East Cleveland Today                                                               3/12/14

Cleveland/East Cleveland Merger                                            3/19/14

East Cleveland Public Library (Shaw High Shuttle Project)    3/23/15

Another Step toward Merger with Cleveland                            3/26/15

Shaw High School Shuttle Project Update                                5/14/15

Kirk Junior High School                                                           1/27/16

Shaw High School Shuttle Project Update 2                             4/8/16

Merger With Cleveland                                                             8/3/16

Merger With Cleveland Update                                                9/20/16

Recall of Mayor and City Council President                            1/5/17

Shaw High School                                                                    3/25/17

The Games We Played                                                             2/19/18

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